Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Project 366: Week 3

I am on my 3rd post for project 366 and I’ve realized that I need a system to keep this blog post/project going smoothly.  I had a system for week 1 & 2 and that system broke down this past week which is why this post is late.  I have been keeping a small notebook with me to record notes for each day’s photo to help me with my recap at the end of the week.  This week my notebook was buried underneath a pile of papers and I forgot about jotting notes about my photos. Now, I am realizing how valuable the notebook was in writing week 1 and week 2 posts.  So, I need to remember to keep that notebook in a visible location to jot down those notes, if I am to make it to photo #366.  Lesson learned!
Okay, so here’s my week in photos:

15/366 piggie foodface
Project 366: Day 15  (15/366) - Piggie Food Face – My youngest daughter made this face with her breakfast this morning.  I am amazed at the different pancake food face creations that they can come up with when they have the same ingredients to work with each week: pancakes, butter and bacon.  Actually, when I was making a Shutterfly photo book this week of some family photos, she suggested that I make a book of all the food face photos that the three kids have made and I think that is a wonderful idea.  Now I just need to find all of them on my hard drive.

16/366- The Twins' Backpacks
Project 366: Day 16  (16/366) - The Twins’ Backpacks – Although I have hooks in our breezeway to hang the kids’ backpacks, they always seem to end up here on the floor behind the couch.

17/366 - Basement corner after
Project 366: Day 17 (17/366) - Basement Corner “After” Photo – I spent some time in the basement over the weekend reorganizing one corner of the basement.  This is such an improvement over the mess that was there before.  My next goal is to go through EVERY box and really decide whether or not I need everything that I have saved. Wish me luck!

18/366 - Lego creation
Project 366: Day 18 (18/366) - Lego Creation – My youngest daughter is usually left out of the Lego creation activity that her brother and sister participate in and she complains that she doesn’t have as many Legos as the other two.  So on this day she decided to use the one bag of Legos that I bought for all of them (these were not part of a “kit” that made a specific item)  to create a robot and a wall to  photograph with the robot.  Now, she wants to send it to the Lego magazine so that she can enter their monthly Lego creation contest.

19/366 Final Scrabble board
Project 366: Day 19 (19/366) - Final Scrabble Board – I have been playing this one game of Scrabble with my 10 year old daughter for over a week and today, we finally finished the game!  It was fun to play on a real board for a change rather than on my smart phone or computer.  Also, my 10 yr old surprised me with the interesting words she knew.

20/366 - Shadow on the Floor
Project 366:  Day 20  (20/366) - Shadow on the Floor – This shot was technically taken early on Sat morning but since I did go to sleep yet, I still consider it Friday's photo.  I came home from a night out with friends to realize that I didn’t take Friday’s photo so I picked up my camera and looked for something to photograph.  I saw various shadows on the floor and I thought this one looked really creepy.

21/366 - Family movie night ticket
Project 366: Day 21 (21/366) – Family Movie Night Ticket – Most Saturdays we have family movie night.   When we first started, the kids would make tickets for everyone each week that they would need to hand in to gain admission to the TV room.  It’s been awhile since we did the tickets and I found these really cute ones online that I could just print out for everyone instead of handmade ones.  It was my son’s choice to pick the movie that night so he wrote the name of the movie on each ticket and was in charge of collecting them before everyone entered the “theater”.  Everyone was impressed with the professional looking movie tickets.

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